Abdulah Bin Kasem Bhuiyan
PHP-Laravel Developer
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I am a professional web developer with the 3 years of hands on experience. I used to develop web based applications in PHP and Laravel. Besides I am also experienced in developing Mobile applications.

LocationDhaka - Dhaka, Bangladesh
WhatsApp 01831661534


I will be your PHP-MySQL developer and do any sort of PHP coding for you.

I will do any sort of PHP programming or problem solving in PHP for you. I will create your dynamic website , debug or modify you existing php scripts. Or satisfy your customized requirements.

I will do or fix your PHP-Laravel Web Applications

I will develop any sort of PHP-Laravel web applications or fix Laravel scripts for you. I will develop E-commerce, PoS, VAS, LMS or any kind of web application. Besides source code I will provide comprehensive documentation of my work.


  • B.Sc. in Computing & Information Systems
    B.Sc. in Computing & Information Systems

    2016-02-29 to 2019-12-30


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